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Information about the manga [Manga]HUNTERxHUNTER

Yoshihiro Togashi -twitter account-

Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition -PUZZLE

Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition -PUZZLE- -twitter account

Hunter Character Generation [Make] Operation Procedure [Sous-operation procedure of Hunter Character Generation].

(1) Set the font size. 16 is the minimum font size and 100 is the maximum.
*Use line breaks and white space to adjust text.
(2) Enter the characters you wish to convert to Hunter characters in the English language.
*Submissions that violate the rules will be removed by the administrator.
(3) You can enter your nickname or Twitter account ID.
If left blank, HxH-No will be automatically assigned.
If you enter your Twitter ID, the ID name will be displayed and a link will be provided.
(4) By pressing [Convert to hunter characters & move to the generated page], the hunter characters are generated and you will be moved to the generated page at the same time.
The URL of the generated page can be shared using the SNS icons at the top.
user agreementRead the page about Terms of Use. Please make use of the Hunter Character Generation.